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Twice as Many Mobile News Readers Prefer Browsers to Apps [STUDY]

Feb 28 2013 Published by under General Interest

Twice as Many Mobile News Readers Prefer Browsers to Apps [STUDY][More from Mashable: 5 Mobile Photographers Capturing the World With Android]

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    Watch this artist sculpt Mark Zuckerberg’s face out of books

    Feb 28 2013 Published by under General Interest

    Yi Hong — the Malaysian artist who can paint using nothing but a coffee cup — proved she’s as pun-loving as she is creative by sculpting Mark Zuckerberg’s face out of books. (Get it?) Hong, who lives in China, spent time in the … Continue reading

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      The “Empty Memory” flash drive looks like it’s saving your data in thin air (Yahoo! News)

      Feb 28 2013 Published by under General Interest

      Yahoo! News – We’ve seen a lot of cool flash drives, from a $3,000 Victorinox Swiss Army drive to a pair of classy thumb drive cufflinks. But British company Logical Art is giving the storage genre a decidedly artistic spin with its new Empty Memory flash drive. …

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        Winzler & Kelly Partners With Santa Rosa Junior College to Continue Career Education for Engineering Students

        Feb 28 2013 Published by under Interests

        Santa Rosa Junior College’s Engineering 10 course – “Introduction to the Engineering Profession” – provides an overview of the engineering profession and has long been a staple course for students considering careers in one of the engineering disciplines.

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          Nissan’s new Leaf can power your house when an outage hits (Yahoo! News)

          Feb 28 2013 Published by under General Interest

          Yahoo! News – A zero emission vehicle is impressive in its own right, and Nissan’s all-electric Leaf is the first consumer-focused production car to show us the future of green transportation. But a new feature just introduced by Nissan may be even more groundbreaking. Using a …

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            Want a Facelift for your Home? Start with Your Roof

            Feb 28 2013 Published by under 1

            Go outside and stand in front of your house. Now take a good look at your home. What are your thoughts? Do things look like they could use a little facelift?

            Your roof makes up to 50% of your home front, and a roof restoration can often be the most economic way of updating the look of your homes exterior in addition to giving you the most dramatic results. A fresh coat of paint on your roof can really breathe new life into the look of the whole house, and bring a modern look to an older home.

            Choosing your roofs colour is the most important element in achieving the look and style you are going for. There are a few ways to help you with this decision.

            * Tear sheets. Flip through magazines and if something strikes you, tear it out and put it in a binder. Eventually you’ll realize a trend in your choices… Just make sure this ‘trend’ will suite the house your about to paint.

            * Taking a look at your pre-existing brick, choose a colour in the brick and bring it up to your roof. This is a great way of giving your house flowing visual appeal, when colours blend easily to the eye it gives the feeling of a well coordinated style.

            * Dark colour are very on trend, especially with a rendered finished wall. Greys, blacks and a dark terracotta always are in high demand. Retaining heat can be a repercussion of being on roofing’s colour trend in our warm Queensland climate. Insulation and heat productive paint are two little secretes that can minimize the heat that you’ll feel inside your home.

            For Roof Restorations Brisbane, Roof Restoration Gold Coast or Brisbane Roofing Services, contact your roofing specialist at Brisco Roofing on 1300 166 209.

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            Reflections on Life

            Feb 25 2013 Published by under 1

            Life – what is life! Life can be described in many ways and has many facets and interpretations. It presents us with an ongoing stream of experiences of situations, events and interactions of all kinds with other people and our environment.

            It is creation in its magnificent splendour – the original bringing into existence of the universe by God.

            For humans it is a journey encompassing all the seasons, colour and streams of life’s experiences.

            The miracle of new life in any form of creation brings wonder and amazement as we become aware of the intrinsic formation of such an unexplainable divine plan.

            For humans there are many rituals and traditions that help celebrate the different seasons and significant moments in life.

            A welcoming of a new child might entail a ritual of a Christening or Blessing in the Christian tradition or perhaps a Naming Ceremony for those less religious. In other cultures and belief systems children are welcomed in a variety of ways but none-the-less mostly it is found to be a joyful celebration of the miracle of new birth.

            Life can sometimes be brief – the miracle taken back from where it began just as life is beginning – the mystery of why these sad experiences happen not to be explained.

            Life changes for humans as the body grows and life is experienced in new ways. Learning takes place as the brain develops and intelligence is gained and used for the betterment of human kind.

            At times the human body suffers from physical limitations this being a challenge as strength of spirit and courage come to the fore.

            During the seasons of life ritual is shown to be important such as times of celebration when a person reaches the age of eighteen – a time of maturity and starting out as an adult on life’s journey.

            Permanency of relationships can be celebrated by the ritual of Marriage as people start a new chapter along the journey called life.

            The miracle of new life can emerge again in this relationship of Marriage as a new life is created and welcomed to the world.

            As the continuing seasons and cycles of life are observed, life can represent colour as of a rainbow in these seasons of new beginnings, celebrations, changes and endings.

            Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – colours of the rainbow – how symbolic of life’s journey as the rainbow is composed of the entire spectrum of colour from the shortest wavelength violet to the longest wavelength red.

            A closing ritual now takes place as the body has accomplished its purpose and the ending of life as humans know it is honoured and the life celebrated as the spirit travels back to the Divine from whence it came.


            This article supplied by Sandra Hill, Brisbane Wedding Celebrant. For more information about Sandra Hill, weddings, renewal of vows and naming ceremonies in Brisbane, please contact Sandra today.

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            Australian EPCM Contract for Fluor

            Feb 18 2013 Published by under General Interest

            Fluor is all set to provide its EPCM services for Woodside Energy Limited’s operating gas assets in Australia.

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              Greek, French votes send euro, shares lower

              Feb 18 2013 Published by under General Interest

              A foreign exchange trader looks at a television showing the result of French Presidential election at a foreign currency trading company in TokyoThe euro slumped to a three-month low and shares fell as election results in Greece and France threatened to derail the region’s plans to tackle its debt crisis.

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                Advisor – Process Engineering

                Feb 18 2013 Published by under Interests

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