Biscotti: The Best Product Packaging Since the iPod? (Mashable)

Dec 30 2011

Mashable – A cookie-shaped, easy-to-use, $199 video-conferencing solution is impressive, but wrapping it up in packaging that resembles a mash-up between Apple’s design elegance and Henny Youngman’s penchants for one-liners is an altogether different level of accomplishment.
Introduced last month at the Consumer Electronics Association’s annual New York-based CES Unveiled preview event (CES 2012 kicks off on Jan. 9 in Las Vegas), the Biscotti TV Phone is a home video-conferencing gadget that works with your HDTV. Each biscotti-cookie-shaped unit cost $199 and works with any other unit via Biscotti’s proprietary network. You can also chat with anyone on GChat (sorry, no Skype). That’s all pretty cool and I’ll be test driving shortly to see if Biscotti works as advertised.

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