Skyrim fans release all in-game books for Kindle, Nook and iOS (Digital Trends)

Sep 02 2013

Digital Trends – Ever since Bethesda Softworks released Skyrim on November 11, the folks over at Capane have been collecting the in-game books that are available to read within Skyrim and converting them into formats that can be downloaded onto e-readers and tablets. Within the files for the game, the books are all in plain text rather than encoded files. The people at Capane saved each book into a separate document, added headings as well as a table of contents. These files were saved in both .epub and MOBI formats. The .epub files are used within the Nook as well as the iPad and the MOBI format is used within the Amazon Kindle. Capane has made these files available to download for anyone that’s legally purchased a copy of the game.

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